Things I've made.

I’ve worked on lots of little projects over the years but these are the ones that I’m most proud of. I like to source my ideas from domain names. If I can purchase a good dot com domain, I'll build the entire business / idea out from scratch, all the way to deployment on the web. Below are a few things I've completed and some more ideas that are in the pipeline.

  • ClientWide

    ClientWide is built with small business and freelancers in mind. It helps you stay organized, so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business. All your clients, jobs, estimates, invoices and time tracking all in one place.

  • Developers Retreat

    Developers Retreat exposes crime rates, house prices and salary information in your local area. A website full of useful stats. Great for property developers and people looking where to live.

  • Time To Wed

    Time To Wed was a wedding supplier directory which allows couples looking to tie the knot to plan their wedding and hire the right people for the big day. Sadly this business became unfeasible and is no longer online.

  • Festive Letters

    A letter from santa is an idea I've always wanted to explore. Festive letter will allow people to create authentic looking letters from santa which they can print off at home and give to their children before Christmas.

    Coming Soon

  • Partial Workout

    Partial Workout will be a Progressive Web App which can be installed on many devices. I've always wanted to make a exercise logging app, but without any drama or needless features.

    Coming Soon

  • Server Side Jobs

    There's always room for another tech based job website right? Being in the tech field myself, I want to offer up a simple job advertising and application experience.

    Coming soon

  • Weight Moderate

    Weight Moderate will be a very simple 1 page website which aims to debunk and demystify weight gain and loss - Moderation!

    Coming soon

  • Vehicle Deets

    VehicleDeets is a US Car safety rating, complaints and recalls website. It allows you to search for vehicles and see detailed information on them.