How to connect to GoPro WiFi on Android 12

Posted on: 10/05/2022. Last updated at: 10/05/2022

Having recently purchased a GoPro 10 Hero. I found it really difficult to connect to the cameras Wi-Fi to update the firmware or just to be able to control it from my phone.

Its actually quite straightforward to get working, its just appears that not even GoPro really give you a good description of how to do it, apart from saying you might need to allow permissions to connect to the devices Wi-Fi.

So assuming you already have the Quik app installed and you've paired your camera. If you've not managed to connect to the Wi-Fi before, the Quik app will likely ask you to upgrade the cameras firmware.

If you tap on connect, you might get a popup saying you need to give permission to temporarily connect to your devices Wi-Fi, tap connect to allow this and after a few seconds you'll probably see a "connection failed" dialoge pop up at the bottom of your screen, no worries, here's how to fix it.

Find your cameras Wi-Fi password.

  • After turning your camera on swipe down to get a menu and then swipe right and tap on the Connections icon.
  • Make sure Wireless Connections is turned on
  • Tap Camera Info - you'll see the password for your cameras WiFi. You can either make note of it or just leave your camera on while you connect to it on your phone

Connect your phone to the GoPro Wi-Fi

  • On your phone, Go to Settings > Network and Internet
  • Tap Internet - Under the Wi-Fi, find your current Wi-Fi connection. This is the one you use from your broadband / cable provider.
  • Tap on the settings cog next to your router and then scroll down to Auto-connect. We want to turn this off so that our connection to the GoPro doesn't keep switching back to our main Wi-Fi source all the time.
  • Back on the Wi-Fi list, you should see your GoPro (or whatever you called it when setting up). Tap to connect to it.
  • Enter the password from the GoPro or what you noted down earlier.
  • Your phone will connect, but you'll get a notification saying you can't get internet from this connection, this is fine. Switch back to the Quik App and now re-try connecting to your GoPro.

You should now be connected to your GoPro so you can download firmware updates and sync your pictures and videos to your phone!

This is the most reliable way i've found to connect to it, but sometimes it still doesn't work. If the above steps don't work for you. Try these additional steps:

  • Reset all connections on your GoPro.
  • Turn the camera off and then from the Quik App, remove the camera.
  • Add the camera again and repeat the steps above.

It's a shame that its such a tedious process, hopefully GoPro manage to iron out these issues with future updates.

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