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How to set file permissions for Laravel 5 on mac OSX

Every time I do a fresh install of Laravel I always run into the same error where laravel.log couldn't be opened and every time I have to Google the solution. So I thought it was about time i write a guide on how to properly setup your file permissions for Laravel using a mac.

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Google Authenticator not working? Your server could be out of sync

I recently came across a strange issue where the Google Authenticator we use suddenly stopped working. It worked fine on my dev environment, however the production environment consistently refused the code i gave it.

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Perfect PageSpeed score using Bootstrap and mod_pagespeed

I've never really gave the PageSpeed score of the websites that i've built too much consideration, as long as they were half decent; 70/80 ish that was good enough for me. However using the Google mod_pagespeed plugin it's really quite easy to get a perfect or at least high 90's score.

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